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Faridabad represents the Social, Cultural and religious aspirations of the around 2000 families of Kashmiris, 90% of who have settled in this township after the displacement from the Valley in the early 90’s. Kashmiri SewakSamaj was founded in the early 80’s and the founding fathers created and inculcated a spirit of brotherhood, discipline and service among the team members of the Executive of the Samaj.


Shri D N Kaul, a teacher by profession, founded the Samaj in Faridabad


As the story goes, a Punjabi Transporter in Faridabad had a KP employee, who had a sudden death. The Punjabi gentleman went around the town to locate a KP family so that the deceased KP could have his last rites as per Kashmiri tradition. The responsibility of collecting KPs in Faridabad for the last rites of the deceased fell on late D N Kaul Sahib. After the event, Shri D N Kaul tirelessly worked to keep the community well knit and socially together.


In the mid eighties, Shri Shibanji Raina as the President and Shri K L Bakshi gave KSS a simple and workable Constitution, which created the foundation of the KSS body as a cohesive and disciplined team. Shri M N Pandita, an entrepreneur by profession, led KSS as the President till 1993. His tenure was marked by spirit of selfless service and immediate help to the needy in a silent and obedient way.


The Faridabad Biradari approached Shri J N Kaul in 1993 to lead the Community keeping in view the turbulence that the Community was undergoing due to trauma of loss of home and their homeland. The first couple of years were very challenging as our Boys and Girls in the camps were facing a future without hope. Given the abysmal living conditions in one-room tenements, the boys and girls were growing into unemployable adults. Here Shri J N Kaul conceived the first bold step of Social Entrepreneurship.


All India Kashmiri Samaj, Kashmiri SewakSamaj and the SOS Children’s Villages of India forged an alliance to recruit boys and girls from the camps and impart one years training to them in Computer Applications. Specials Hostels were created for these boys and girls in Faridabad and well-equipped Computer Lab was built in the Hermann Gmeiner Institute of Vocational Studies in Faridabad. Undertaking an effort like this was not easy as the skeptics were at each stage offering counsel to follow the easy way out and “cut corners for the sake of Practicability”! They wanted this education to be imparted to these boys and girls close to their homes in Nagrota and similar camps, in and around Jammu. But Shri J N Kaul would have none of this. He wanted the boys and girls to be far from a life of virtual hell in these one-room tenements. When the program came to close nearly 300 boys and girls became breadwinners for their families. The boys and girls would undergo a metamorphosis in their personalities after a first class boarding fitted with colour TVs, Refrigerators and more. Most of these boys and girls are employed today in Companies of repute. “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”.

Our Social organizations may use their energies, resources and the thought to emulate the example given here. The last decade has been a decade of great accomplishment for the Samaj. The decade has given the Community two great Institutions: SharikaBhawan and Hari Parbat in the Village Anangpur.




Kashmiri SewakSamaj, Faridabad represents the Social, Cultural and Religious aspirations of over 1500 families of Kashmiris, majority of whom settled in the township after displacement from the valley in early 90’s.


It was founded in early 80’s and the founding fathers created & inculcated a spirit of brothers hood & selfless service among the team members of the Executive body of the Samaj.


Kashmiri SewakSamaj, Faridabad is committed to improve and upgrade the facilities at the prestigious SharikaBhawan Complex on a continuous basis. With the whole hearted support of members of our Baradari, KSS has established a grand complex which includes temple with idols of various Gods, a building complex spread over three floors, the J N Kaul memorial Hall, a multipurpose 2500 sq ft auditorium capable of seating a large gathering, large basement for variety of utilities, open kitchen where food for 1000 people can be prepared, indoor kitchen, HawanShalla, Unique library stocked with valuable books on Kashmiri culture, history and civilization, open lawns for public use etc.


These facilities are currently used by Baradari Members from India and abroad for functions like weddings, Yognopavit, Hawans, Shadmos, besides being used for community level gatherings to protect the rich Kashmiri Culture & Heritage.


There is need to enhance the available facilities further and some immediate plans prepared by the Executive Committee members are enunciated below :

  •  Sound proofing the J N Kaul Memorial Hall to improve poor acquacstics at an estimated cost of Rs 4,50,000. Presently many functions held here do not give comfortable listening pleasure to the audience.
  •  Covering the open Kitchen, which presently is without roof thereby causing difficulty in the event of unforeseen weather. Estimated cost is Rs 1,00,000
  •  The HawanShalla being without covering disturbs worshipers in the event of unforeseen rain while Hawan or Yognopavit is in progress and is to be provided with proper roofing at an estimated cost of Rs 3,00,000.
  •  A freezer to be provided in the recently built store for the preservation of cooked and uncooked eatables while functions are in progress. This is estimated to cost Rs 25,000.


To fulfill our dreams we request generous contribution, however small or big, from our well wisher so that our ambitious plans and programmes can be accomplished.


Please remember KSS belongs to each one of us and it is our noble duty to support all round development at this complex.


Kindly open your hearts and purses for these projects. All contributions will be acknowledged and official receipt issued which qualify for Income Tax deduction under Section 80G of the Income tax Act.




Daily Poojas at SharikaBhawan

  •  Summer opening time 5:00 A.M.
  •  Winter opening time 5:15 A.M.


Daily Programme

  •  Morning : AARTI 5:30 A.M. summer evening AARTI 6:45 P.M.
  •  Morning : AARTI 5:40 A.M. winter evening AARTI 5:45 P.M.
  •  Monday : BHAWANI SAHASTRANAM follows morning AARTI.
  •  Wednesday to Friday : BHAWANI SAHASTRANAM follows morning AARTI.
  •  Saturday : BHAWANI SAHASTRANAM & PANCHASTAVI follows morning AARTI.
  •  Sunday : Samohik AARTI & BHAWANI SAHASTRANAM followed by Naveed (normally "Tehar")


The following facilities are available:

  •  Multipurpose Hall with high ceiling 2500 sq ft area, which can accomodate 300 people on chairs or 500 sitting,
  •  Basement Hall with 2200 sq ft area having multipurpose utility,
  •  2 guest rooms furnished with attached bathrooms and running hot/cold water,
  •  Hostel block 3 storied construction having 3 halls and 8 rooms all large size. Each floor has set of 3 each toilets and bathrooms with running hot/cold water,
  •  Enclosed Kitchen cum pantry with Industrial type RO water plant,
  •  Outdoor Community kitchen where food for 1000 people can be cooked having seperate washing facility for utensils,
  •  Two lawns,
  •  Water cooler,
  •  All utensils,
  •  24 hours water supply.


The Samaj can facilitate, if required, against direct payment Tenting, Decoration/ illumination, Pujari(kashmiri system), Cook, Generator, Photographer etc so that the devotees do not have any difficulty while at the Bhawan.


KSS is a neat and clean premises which has concern for the environment and employs water harvesting. All functions with the blessings of MaaSharika ad so far over 100 such functions have been held.




SharikaBhawan is situated in the Institutional area, Sector 17,Faridabad adjacent to the famed Rose Garden. Kashmiri SewakSamaj, under the visionary leadership of Padamshri Shri J N Kaul has achieved some thing unseen before. The Project initiated in 1995 has been a major achievement for the KP community, in working towards collective self-reliance. In the 90’s the community was faced with innumerable challenges of daily survival, education of children, employment and other socio-economic crises. The call of building an Institution with an outlay of Rs 1.5 crore was received, then, with some disbelief in many quarters. However, to the common KP, such a call brought renewed hope and the work on SharikaBhawan brought a dedicated team of Social activists together to achieve this gigantic task.The Success of building the SHARIKA BHAWAN Institution is a story of dedication, single-minded devotion and the “will to follow the leader” that has marked the attitude of the executive of the Kashmiri SewakSamaj. When the first call to contribute was made to the members of the Community far and wide, the response was enthusiastic and overwhelming. The response showed emotions of individual attachment to the “cause” and also revealed the spirit of generosity that lay possibly “latent” till the opportunity came to help & do something very meaningful for the generations ahead. While it was donors that made the largest single donations and helped KSS spur the activity, the large number of small donors, some of them just fresh in their jobs, some of them having limited resources of their own, and many of them donating small sums over a large period provided the major fuel to motivate the team. KSS plans to document each donor large and small, so that posterity knows how generously and emotionally each one of us acted in the hour of need.


The SAMAJ of Faridabad


As it stands today, has been an achievement as a result of the “effort, blood and sweat” of successive past Presidents and their respective Executive teams and KSS acknowledge their sense of devotion by inviting the past Presidents and lead the honouring ceremony. It was the solid foundation and the team building activity of the past Presidents that has helped KSS to initiate major institution building activity. Sustained work of past decades has made Faridabad known all over the world for doing constructive and socially highly relevant work.


SharikaBhawan today offers the KP community the following facilities :

SharikaBhawan has complete facilities where members can conduct Marriages, Yognopavit, Kahnether, Hawan (individual or Collective).


The premises is also available for symposiums, study Lectures, Debates, Religious discourses as well as Shadmose / Veharver or prayer meetings for Moksh of the departed Soul.


The following facilities are available for Community Members:

  •  Multipurpose Hall with high ceiling, 2500 Sq. ft area which can accommodate 300 people on chairs or 500 while sitting.
  •  Basement Hall with 2200 Sq. ft area having multipurpose utility.
  •  2 Guest Rooms furnished with attached bathrooms and running hot and cold water.
  •  Hostel block 3 storied construction having 3 Halls and 8 rooms, all large size. Each floor has set of 3 each toilets and bathrooms with running hot & cold water.
  •  Enclosed Kitchen cum pantry with Industrial type RO water plant.
  •  Outdoor Community Kitchen where food for 1000 persons can be cooked having separate washing facility for utensils.
  •  Store adjacent to Community kitchen for storage of items.
  •  Two Lawns.
  •  Water cooler.
  •  All utensils.
  •  24 Hours water supply.


The Samaj can facilitate, if required, against direct payment to the service provider, Tenting, decoration and illumination, Pujari (Kashmiri Style), Cooks, Generator, and Photographer so that users face no difficulty. KSS is a neat & clean Premise which has concern for the environment & employs water Harvesting to help ecology.


So far over 200 functions have been held at these premises.

This Webpage is published in Loving memory of our beloved father Pt. Shri Pyarelal Bhat Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. (Vinay Bhat)

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